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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Date: 08/11/01
Time: Approx. 2:00P.M.
State: Ohio
County: Miami
Nearest town: Tipp City
Weather conditions: Cloudy and Humid.
Strong to severe T-storms forecasted.
Lunar Phase: New
First Quarter begins 08/12
Areas of water nearby? Yes
Two bog type ponds, bordered by The
Great Miami River.
Railroad tracks nearby? Yes
Approx. 200yds. to the West
Emotional feeling at time: Curious.
Slightly apprehensive. At one point Witnesses became
very frightened.
Witnesses present? Yes. 5
Relationship: Witnesses to previous sighting.

Event Details

Sighting: No
Vocalizations: Possible
Whistles when we first arrived.
Coming from South of the pond,
Then later to the North
Odors: Yes. Unknown
Traveling sounds: No
Knocking sounds: No
Frequency of Human presence: Park area
Observed one other person
and a group of canoers.


When we first arrived, we wre on the North side of the pond when we heard whistles coming from the South side. They were distinct and loud. We observed several "triangle" type arrangements made of sticks. Along the East side of the pond there was an area of obvious activity. The branches and leaves formed a high canopy. The interior was approx. 8 ft. in diameter. The ground was covered with broken sticks from 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter. It was obviously the result of continued trampling. There were old pieces of corn cobs and walnut shells. No cornfields or Walnut trees were in the vicinity. We found a hard black substance that we could not identify. It had a " poured" look and was at one time very soluble. We also found the clean skull of a samll animal possibly a squirrel. Most interestingly we found the wad from a 12 guage shotgun shell, giving the impression someone had fired a round into this area. This was most unusual due to the fact this is a Nature preserve and hunting is illegal. Also, curious is the fact that this is the area of an exact sighting where local Police were called to investigate shortly after the encounter. We found three distinct impressions in the ground and leaves. They measured 11 inches long and were exactly 65 inches apart, from heel to toe. They appeared old and no clear indication of toes were present. At this point the kids came running to us scared. They said they heard whistles around them and smelled garbage. This ocurred to the North end of the Pond. I started running to the North end, then stopped and ran back to get my camera which I had left. When I got to the North end of the pond, there was a faint odor in the air. Later we traveled down a path on the West side, and back to the second pond. There we found more impressions measuring 11 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. There was no indication of toes. But again they appeared old and were not castable. Throughout this area are bowed trees and stick formations. There are several areas of" canopies" with thick brush overhead and no vegetation underneath. The ground under these areas are rough and un even, as if they had been trampled on repeatedly. The first pond is completely covered with Duckweed. There are no signs of waterfowl anywhere in the area. I found this curious as Duckweed is a favorite foodsource for waterfowl, and the close proximity of The Great Miami River. It is also interesting to point out that when the actual sighting occured, a loud splash was heard, and the creature encountered was described as having a green color to it. The second pond has no vegatation or algae present at all.

Investigation Notes

Investigated on: 08/11/01
Not Submitted
Photos, a small animal skull
and samples of an unknow substance
were collected.
Comments: There were many unusual things
about this area.
There was no other wildlife tracks found.
No evidence of Deer activity
was found in or near this area.

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