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been hiking in the woods, and thought you heard footsteps? Felt like someone was watching you? Were you so intimidated that you quickly left the area without good reason? What about knocking sounds? Do you ever hear them in the woods, and tell yourself it was tree limbs banging together? Have you ever heard unexplained whistles in the woods? What was that strange howl? Maybe just maybe.... You weren't alone in the woods!

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More Nest Like Structures Found In The Miami Valley!! See Below!!

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Coming soon in 2018! Watch for new updates to our site and news of 20+ Years of research! We will be opening a new section to our Website displaying evidence, proven theories, and much more in the coming Months!

2010-2011 proved to be very productive years for us. And we are eager to see what 2013 will yield. We have discovered many new items of interest, including a network of nest like structures. We have been able to establish a series of routes connecting these structures together. Some as far away as 40 miles from the next. We are still processing information and hope to bring it to the public view soon! We also currently have a team member conducting an intensive investigation in Southern Ohio. A vast amount of evidence, sounds ,and photos have been collected over the past few months and is continuing to be collected. We are processing and compiling this information and will begin posting it to the website in the very near future. We recently had the pleasure of working with an Independent research team from Southern Ohio. Our first outing together brought some small success in finding items of interest. Hopefully the future will bring a collaboration of our two teams and totally different techniques, which have the possibility to yield a vast collection of knowledge and evidence. We will continue to work through the issues we have experienced the past 2 years with our domain host and bring you many more photos,videos,and sounds that we have collected. Stay tuned for what we expect to be a very exciting year!
Photos of possible nesting areas found throughout the Miami Valley!
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New Page featuring the Miami Valley Sightings! Click below!
Are   you   aware?

Are you aware that Ohio has quite a history of reported Sasquatch sightings? It's a fact. They date as far back as the Great Shawnee Nation. In 1869, near Gallipolis, Ohio, a man and his daughter reported they were attacked by a "wildman". The "wildman" was described as being, gigantic in height and covered with hair. Near Bellefontaine Ohio, in 1980, a large, hair covered, biped creature was sighted on two different days, by different witnesses. Plaster casts of large footprints were collected on a local farm. The casts measured 16 inches by 4 inches. In 1993, near Donnelsville, Ohio, 5 people reported that a large hairy creature looked into their window. There are countless reports throughout the State of Ohio. Most of which bear a bone chilling resemblance to other reports. We are working on a theory that a colony of Sasquatch live in the Miami valley. We believe these creatures "migrate" along the river corridors throughout the Miami Valley. We have found in several different places, the tell-a-tale signs so often associated with Sasquatch activities. We are on a quest to locate and identify solid evidence of the existence, or non-existence of such creatures. Join us in our quest for knowledge! THE TRUTH EXISTS!

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WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! This is a safe and non-judgmental place to tell your story. We will never release names, Email addresses, or any other private information given to us upon request without your expressed consent. We also will not make any reports to Law Enforcement or Wildlife Officers unless there is the unlikely event of A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. We may entertain possible interviews or discussions with Media Outlets on the condition of Anonymity. Our goal is to collect and obtain any and all information, and evidence we can, on the possibiliy of Sasquatch activity in and near the Miami Valley. We know from our own personal experiences the problems that can arise when reporting things of this nature. That's why we created this site, to provide you with a safe haven for your information. And to provide you with help and information to better understand what you may have encountered.

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