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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

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Where did they come from?

Where did the Sasquatch come from? Who knows? Some say from outer space, some think they are from the spirit world. While others, believe they may be undiscovered descendants of Gigantopithecus. Giganto was a large Ape found mainly in ancient Asia, and presumed to be extinct. Little more than speculation exists, due to the fact, that very few fossilized remains have been found. A link to an article on Giganto can be found at the bottom of this page. So, is it possible that a giant primate could exist in the woodlands of Ohio? Ohio has much to offer in the way of cover, food sources, and protected areas. Is it possible that they are super-natural, or extra-terrestrial? One cannot possibly this rule out. There are hundreds of reports describing things such as, strange lights in the woods, glowing red eyes, or telepathic encounters. As a kid I was very in to reading about ufo's. I never heard of Sasquatch until the late 70's. But I remember reading ufo reports where furry creatures were described. Often as slaves or workers. Alot of Native American folklores indicate that Sasquatch may be from the spirit world.I doubt we will ever see a Sasquatch on Oprah, so until somebody drags one in from the woods we will probably never know.

Where   are   they?

You may be asking yourself right now, "Why don't we see them?" One, some people do see them. Two, because they don't want you to see them. How often do you see a Black Bear? How about a Bobcat? How many times a week do you see coyotes, foxes, or Eastern Timber Rattlesnakes? They all live in Ohio. In fact coyotes populate all 88 counties in Ohio. And there have been confirmed Black Bear reports right here in the Miami Valley. I bet you didn't know that there have been at least three American Alligators found in the Little Miami River. One was nearly 6 ft. in length, and was found in the cold Autumn water.These were discarded pets I'm certain. But the fact remains, they were able to adapt to the climate and surroundings. For more information and further updates on the alligators found in Ohio refer to page seven in our website. You also have to consider the fact that much of Ohio's forestland is either protected or private, considerably reducing human intrusions and activities. In addition, Ohio has a vast network of rivers and streams, which are great for inconspicuous travel. Ever drive down a stream late at night? I didn't think so. In the last few years the reports of Sasquatch sightings have grown quite considerably from coast to coast. And they will continue to grow, because, we continue to grow. Much of our wildlife has already grown accustomed to living close to us. Our weekly garbage often makes a night's dinner for hungry scavengers. And as we continue to build and expand, wildlife encounters will become a common occurence in our world. And one can only hope that this will include the shadowy legend of the Sasquatch.

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