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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

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Want to help?

Would you like to assist us in our field research? We are in need of individuals to assist us in finding evidence to support our theories. Like you, we are ordinary people with ordinary jobs and the time that we have to spend in the field is limited. And the more eyes we have looking the better our chances are of finding evidence. It is never wise to hike through the woods alone, as there is always the outside chance of personal injury. Besides, two sets of eyes will usually see two different things. And in addition, when searching for things of this nature, it is always best to have a witness to verify findngs. There are far more skeptics than there are believers. So if you are interested in joining us on future "fact finding missions", drop us an Email and we will most certainly be in touch.

What   have   you   found?

If you have ever seen a Sasquatch, found strange animal hair, scat, or bones that you can't explain. Or if you have ever had an unexplained eerie encounter in the woods, like hearing knocking sounds, (ie. wood on wood ) unfamiliar howling, screaming, or whistles, We want to know about it. Send us an Email describing your event. Try to include every detail that you can remember. Don't worry about the length of your Email, the more information you can provide the better. We will contact you after reviewing your story.And once again, your information will be held in the strictest of confidence. So contact us, tell us your story because.... We want to know!!

If you choose to explore on your own

If you decide to go out on your own to find evidence, here are some tips. One, photograph everything you find to be unusual. Sometimes things can be found in photos that aren't immediately recognized by the eyes. Two, any evidence you may find such as hair, bones or scat, should not be touched by human hands if at all possible. Unfortunatly, hair and scat have little value in DNA research. However hair samples with attached tissue or blood would be invalulable. Three, measure all footprints found for length, and width. Note presence and number of toes. If more than one print is found, measure the stride distance between prints. And if at all possible, make a casting of the print. Good luck!

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