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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Some facts about the Gorilla
The western Lowland Gorilla ( seen above) can be up to 6 feet tall when standing and weighs in at about 450 pounds.They live in colonies consisting of one fully grown male and several females. The Dominant male, or Silverback, determines when they wake, sleep, and eat. They are a quite, peaceful, and very non- aggressive animal. They rely on intimidation to scare off intruders, rather than violence. Their territory usually ranges from 9 to 14 square miles where they remain. The Mountain Gorilla are a slightly biger species. They are black in color with longer hair than the Lowland Gorilla. They build a new nest each night on the ground from non-food vegetation. Like their cousins in the Lowlands they tend to mark off larger territories. Sadly, the Gorillas are slowly disappearing from the Earth. Their only known predator is man. They are killed for their meat. Hands and feet are used to make ashtrays. Their heads for trophies, and their internal organs are used to make aphrodesiacs.

A Western Lowland Silverback posing

Are they Gorillas?
Is it possible that the elusive Sasquatch is in fact an undiscovered primate related to the Gorilla? Theories and evidence seem to suggest just that. However there are notable differences. Gorillas are quadrapeds or "knuckle walkers". Sasquatch reports and evidence suggest that they are Bipeds. Gorillas themselves were long considered a mythical creature and it was not until near 1850 that any evidence of Gorillas was found. The Mountain Gorilla wasn't discovered until 1902. Until then only the Lowland species were known to exist. It has been in just the last few years that an entire colony of Western Lowland Gorillas were discovered, nearly doubling the known population. Behaviour between the Gorilla and Sasquatch does offer quite a few similarities. They both travel great distances. They both appear to build nests and shelters. And they both avoid Human contact as much as possible. When comparing witness sketches of Sasquatch to the Gorilla, they even seem to share some of the same physical qualities. However, the Sasquatch seems to be the bigger of the two species, and obviously spends more time on two feet than the Gorilla. Many theories suggest that the Sasquatch is descendant from Giganto the large primitive Ape. Gorillas are herbivores and will only eat meat while in captivity. It seems that this is also shared with the Sasquatch. So the question remains, are they large primates related to the Great Ape species? Until definitive DNA evidence is found, the answer will remain as elusive as the creature itself.

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