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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Miami County Area #1
Throughout the Miami Valley we have been finding and documenting different sized structures constructed of sticks and vines. Below are some photos from the Miami and Clark County areas. There are several different locations in the Miami County area where these "nests" have been found. They are very similar in size and constuction. The sticks and vines have been woven togheter. Some appear to have been left uncompleted. We have to date, not found any footprints or other physical evidence near these structures that would provide any clues as to their origin. The structure found in the Clark County area is quite compelling. At the side of the "nest" is a young tree freshly snapped. It's diameter and strength would have required sufficient force to cause the break. The leaves were still green and had not began to wilt at the time of discovery. The Clark County area is also home to a recent report of strange growls and the sounds of something large crashing through the woods. Given the nest building habits of the Gorillas, it poses the question. Who or what is building these structures?

Miami County area # 2

Miami County area # 3

Clark County Area
This structure is the most unique we have found. Unlike the other strcutures, this one incorporates the use of a downed tree. To the left, and unfortunately, out of frame was a freshly snapped young tree.

Clark County Area Photo # 2
The above photos were taken by all team members. As we continue to find and gather more information on these "nest like" structures, we will post them to our site. If you have stumbled upon anything resembling these stuctures, please send us a photo with the date and location to aid us in finding out how widespread they may be within the Miami Valley.
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New Structure found in Miami County!
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More structures found in Miami and Montgomery Counties!
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