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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Sasquatch the Celebrity

And the Oscar goes to..... Bigfoot! In recent years Bigfoot or Sasquatch has become a household name. From the elaborate hoax in Georgia to the rumored Sasquatch kills in the Sierras, we have all become used to hearing the name. Television commercials such as the Jack Links "Messin" with Sasquatch" have provided a humorous look at the creature. There have been countless documentaries on the subject in the past few years. Shows like Monster Quest and the new Finding Bigfoot have tried to provide a more serious approach to the subject. The end result is still the same. To date, no scientifically acceptable evidence has been found or presented. It would seem that the Sasquatch population is missing out. With all the glory seekers and profiteers using the creature as their focus to claim their 15 minutes of fame, or to promote their products, Bigfoot is losing out on all the royalties normally paid to a Star. It would be refreshing to watch a show where they actually prove something. Not to say that what is presented is ficticious, but who can say for sure? Much like the Ghost hunting shows, the evidence presented is provided to us via a television screen or computer monitor. If you're not there when it happens, you can't prove or disprove the reality of it. One thing is for sure. In this day in Age, Sasquatch has moved from a subject that most found laughable to one that is seriously documented. The one thing still missing is the truth.

The end result
The end result from so much publicity on the subject of Bigfoot has multiple sides. On one hand it has gained more interest from the public and scientific community. While more people take the issue seriously now than ever before, more people are also seeing and reporting creatures than ever before. Research groups have popped up from one end of the Country to the other. All claiming to be on the trail. On the Negative side of things, you have the handful of people roaming the woods armed and ready to shoot anything that moves. This makes it bad for the research groups who have made the serious effort and invested years of time to the subject. You Tube sports new Sasquatch videos on almost a daily basis. It seems that everywhere you turn someone is filming a Sasquatch. Are they? 90% of the videos are shot from a distance. The camera usually moves around wildly and you catch a glimpse of something walking or standing upright. You would think that a creature so intelligent to elude capture for so long wouldn't get caught on camera every week. Bigfoot research has always been based on excluding all possibilities and explanations. It is now slowly turning towards nothing more than making a quick video of your cousin runing through the woods in an Ape suit and saying " Yep, we got one on video."
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