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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Please note: We have "turned off" several reports from this page, in order to review the evidence submitted. We are working on returning several of those reports, along with several new reports collected from witnesses and Team members. Please be patient as we work to turn on this new segment of our website.

Since late summer of 1993 and to the present, my family members and I have seen, heard, smelled, and experienced Bigfoot encounters in Clark County, Ohio. Some people may think this is crazy, but I can assure you the four sighting reports described below are true. Our family has seen and heard them and no one can change our minds about what we saw. I never would have believed they were in Ohio, let alone within a few minutes of our home. Yet they are here,and not only one animal, but several! We have seen a white or silvery colored one, and several dark coloredones. My four sighting reports are described below. I am aware of events than these, and am investigating them. In John Greene's book " Sasquatch, the Apes among us " 1978, he wrote:
"You are sitting alone in the house at night when you hear a slight noise outside, and turning your head you are confronted by a black bestial face, more like a gorilla's than anything else, staring in the window at you. An animal looked in out of the darkness to see what was inside your lighted room. But it wasn't trying to get in to eat you, and it felt no hostility towards you. It was just curious and for some reason abandoned it's usual caution. In reality you were granted a rare privilege, a chance for a close look at one of the most interesting creatures on Earth, and one that very few people ever see. It's too bad you weren't in shape to appreciate it."
This rather well describes my and the family's experience in the late summer of 1993, when the "animal" looked in the kitchen window at us. We however, hadn't heard a thing, nor were we alone, only lucky enough to have been looking in the window's direction during the few seconds it looked in at us. I feel strongly that the animal was most certainly curious and heard our laughter and voices as it transgressed through the creek bottoms and wanted to see what the ruckus was about. The animal was only visible from the neck up, if you could call it a neck, which was greatly lacking, underneath it's immense head as compared to ours. I realize now I didn't initially note a nose or mouth due to, I believe, hair on it's lower face, but all the fur was silver to white. I noticed in Patterson's film, the female Bigfoot's face looks very similar to what I saw, except, ours had white fur that was longer, 3-4 inches on the sides of it's head, while shorter on it's face. The eyes were most notable, though I can't remember the color. I was sitting only about twenty feet from the door, looking at the window at the time, and the family was sitting or standing near me. We all saw it about the same time. There is no longer any doubt in our minds, we had seen a bigfoot.

Sighting report #1

The first sighting was in late August or early September of 1993, about 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. in Western Clark County. We saw a very large fur covered head look in at us; the uge head filled roughly 75% of the door's 20" by 30" window. I estimate the head size at about 12" by 18", based on the size of the window in the back door of the house we were visiting. Five of us saw the creature look in at us, my wife, her sister, my daughter, my sister-in-law's daughter, and me. We hadn't realized what we had seen at first. When we saw it, we quickly let out their big dog and we ran outside, where I immediately slipped in a big pile of fresh scat ( looked and had texture similar to bear scat ) and the area smelled sort of like a skunk, or garbage was around. The night was warm and no jackets were needed. I don't remember much about the moonlight because it was very dark outside the glow of the porch light. Te animal's head looked sort of like a primate's, a large head with 3-4 inches of long silvery or gray hair all over it except the face was flatter than a gorilla's. It looked in at us for only about three seconds, and as we all looked back at it, it left. It looked like it had to bend over to look in the window since it's head was sort of bent forward to look in, though it was hard to see a neck at all, only shoulders and a head. I didn't think to look into the trees, but the skunk or rotten garbage odor was still very present. We looked around, the girls yelling as if to scare away the intruder saying they would call the police. I knew, after stepping in the scat, it was an animal and after gathering my thoughts, felt it better to get the family inside. Because the head was so large, and also because the scat pile was fairly large, 6"-7" diameter and about 3" high, I thought it might be a large animal so didn't want to meet it face to face. My friend is 225 lbs., 5' 10", and the animal's head looked tice as big as his. Once back inside, we didn't see or hear anything else. The house is on Donnels Creek, which parallels North Hampton road in Clark County. The house is in the creek bottoms, which is wooded with the flood plain rising up about 40-50 feet to farm fields surrounding the creek bottoms. Donnels Creek flows to the South and empties into Mad River, which runs East and West, North o I-70. At the time, I didn't think to take samples or look for footprints. There is no doubt in my mind of what we saw after researching some; it was a Bigfoot. Year- 1993 Season- Summer Month- August or September Time and other conditions- 10:00-11:00 p.m., late summer, little moonlight so dark outside of porch light glow, warm evening, no jackets required, no rain, etc.

Sighting report #2

In the early fall of 1998 my daughter's boyfriend, his Dad, and the boy's younger cousin were camping on a wooded ridge running East and West just South of our housing area in Southwest Clark County. Mud Run creek runs through our housing area just below the ridge. Mud Run also empties into the Mad River. It was a dark night and early morning, early fall but warm enough so no coats were needed. At about 2:00 to 3:00 a.m., the two boys got out f the ten to go relieve themselves, and noticed a very large manlike shape lurking just in the shadows in a pine and cedar clump of trees about 50 ft. away from their tent. The boy's Dad was sleeping in the truck, so wasn't awakened. Both boys saw the movement, and then asked each other if the other had seen something. They told each ther that they had seen it. It moved around in the shadows, and stood watching them but they could only see the dark shape outlined near the trees. They said it looked about 7 ft. tall and very big likea football player, stading on two feet like a mn, but was dark furcovered, as much as they could make out. They wre really scared so went back in the tent, but didn't sleep much. Later that morning, about 6:00 a.m., they were startled upright when they heard a weird howling some ways off to the West down the ridge. Their family enjoys the outdoors alot; he said he knows the sound of dogs or coyotes. He said it wasn't a dog or coyote. After listening to recordings of many alleged Bigfoot vocalizations, the boy said he is sure the howl they heard was the same as the Bigfoot howls. YEAR- 1998. SEASON- Autumn. MONTH- October. TIME AND OTHER CONDITIONS_ 2:00 to 6:00 a.m., fall, little moonlight, warm evening, no jackets required, no rain, etc. NEAREST CITY- Enon, Ohio NEAREST ROAD- State route 444 and I-675 STATE- Ohio COUNTY- Clark OTHER LOCATION INFORMATION- The ridge is just to the South and parallels Route 444, and just Southeast of I-675 and Route 444, in SW Clark County. ENVIRONMENT- Top of a flood plain ridge, on flat land surrounded by farm fields and wooded edges, Mud Run creek runs East to West, parallel below the ridge. WITNESSES- 2 witnesses; camping in a tent, awoke to relieve themselves and saw creature lurking in shadows about 50 ft. away. ANYTHING ELSE ODD- The howling several hundred yards away, to the West down the ridge ater that morning at about 6:00 a.m.

Sighting report #3

My wife and I were leaving her sister's house late one fall night in Oct. 2000, in Southwest Clark County. Though it was fall weather, no jacket was needed. We were driving back home and heading south on Snider Rd. It was about 10:30-11:00 p.m., and the creature was on the East side of Snider Rd. standing on South side of a wooded drainage ditch that empties into Mud Run Creek ( Mud Run also empties into the Mad River). This is just a couple hundred yards North of the railroad tracks that parallel Route 444 and within sight of the Enon E-check station, just 1/2 mile Northeast of our housing area. Just as I slowed to come over the top of the small bridge over the drainage ditch headed South toward the RR tracks, I saw the very tall (about 8ft), large fur covered biped animal, standing about 15 ft. East of the roadway along the tree line as if waiting to cross the street after we passed. The fields are a least 12 to 18 inches lower than the roadway, and it's head was higher than mine as I drove past in my old pickup that rides very high, my head is usually about 6 1/2 to 7 ft. above the pavement. It was dark in color, built very big with broad shoulders, and fur covered head to toe. I couldn't see it's face however only it's bulky broad profile and dark color. It was standing completely upright on two feet, not hunched over. It had long arms and was built like the biggest weightlifter multiplied by 2; it's head was sitting on it's shoulders with no neck. I didn't tell my wife until we were home because I didn't want to scare her. It sent shivers up and down my neck, and actually felt sort of funny like something was strange before I actually got to the bridge, you know like something is going to happen or someone is watching you when you are alone in the woods. I tried to look back through my mirrors but couldn't make out anything in the dark, even though there was a little moonlight. After researching,there is no doubt in my mind of what I had seen; it was Bigfoot. YEAR- 2000. SEASON- Autumn. MONTH- October. TIME AND OTHER CONDITIONS- Late Oct. 2000, fall weather but no jacket needed, about 10:30-11:00 p.m. some moonlight, no pecipitation. NEAREST CITY- Enon, Ohio. NEAREST ROAD- Snider Rd. STATE-OHIO. COUNTY-Clark. OTHER LOCATION INFORMATION- On the East side of Snider Rd. along the South side of a wooded drainage ditch (Warden ditch) that empties into Mud Run Creek (Mud Run also empties into the Mad River), just a couple hundred yards North of the railroad tracks that parallel Route 444 within sight of the Enon E-check station. ENVIRONMENT-It was standing on a wooded creek that runs into Mud Run Creek and finally into Mad River. The area is flat and agricultural surrounding the site. A ridge and Mud Run Creek parallel the ditch to the South, about 1/2 mile awy. Mad River is only 1 mile away from this location. WITNESSES- Even though my wife was in the truck with me, I didn't tell her as we drove past since it unnerved me so much, so no other witnesses other than myself. ANYTHING ELSE ODD- It sent shivers up and down my neck, and actually felt sort of funny like something was strange before I actually got to the bridge, you know like something is going to happen or someone is watching you when you are alone in the woods. It was very still, no noises or other vehicles, or anything. The Bigfoot didn't look like it was in hurry to run across the road, as deer tend to do; it just stood there watching us go by. It didn't appear to be menacing, only watching.

  Sighting Report #4   My daughter's boyfriend, his Dad, and I were hunting the south end of a field in a strip of woods (about 75-100 yds thick) which runs east and west parallel along the north side of the Mad River, in southwestern Clark County.  The sighting happened in late Nov 2000 during the Ohio deer gun season, after Thanksgiving, on an overcast rainy, which turned to a snowy day, in the early morning hours about 45 minutes before legal deer gun season hours on a friends farm.   We got the boy settled in (his first deer gun hunting trip), and then me and his Dad went back out to the edge of the field and walked east along the edge of the trees to where we would be sitting about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away from the boy, still along the river edge.  When we had gone about 100 yards east from the boy, his Dad and I heard loud cracking like something was stepping on sticks while moving away from us along the creek in the trees, but headed west towards the boys location.  We couldn't tell what it was and passed it off as scaring up a deer which we occasionally do going in before light.  Later at lunch, the boy said something very big ran westward very fast between him and the creek, about 30 yds away in the dark, and turned north-west up the western edge of the field then stopped about 50 yds away from him, waited a few minutes, then continued on NW at a walk towards Donnels Creek and the fields beyond.  His Dad got a deer on the southeast corner of the field within 1 hour of the opener that morning, turned out in the dark and wet, he sat down amongst a small deer herd (about 8 deer) bedded to the east.  When the boy said something big ran past him fast, I originally thought it a deer.  I didn't find out till much later when we were hunting there again, that it was running on two legs, very big and fur covered and dark gray to dark brown coloring.  He said it scared him so much he almost didn't want to go out again hunting but since this was his first year he kept his mouth shut until I later asked him about what he saw.  The ground was wet and soft on the top so prints might have been possible, though I didn?t go back to check.  After looking at several websites, the boy has since said he has no doubts that it was a Bigfoot.   Year-2000       Season-Autumn            Month-November        Date-24 Nov 2000   Time and other conditions-An overcast rainy turn to snowy day, dark early morning hours about 45 minutes before legal deer gun season hours, roughly about 6:45 am.   Nearest City-Donnelsville or Enon, Ohio   Nearest Road-Lower Valley Pike   State-Ohio       County-Clark   Other location information-South of Lower Valley Pike, at the south end of the field, woods and Mad River border the rectangular field on the south and woods and Donnels Creek border the field on the west, east of Snider road and about 3/4 mile north-east of where you cross over I-70 on Snider Rd.   Environment-Wooded Creek Bottom on Mad River, surrounded by agricultural fields.  Enon Gravel Pits to the east.   Witnesses-The boy saw it; his Dad and I heard it running.  The boy was sitting quietly in the dark waiting until hunting hours started.  He said he was watching it as it left, in case it came back; he could hear it walking away after it had stopped to watch the boy a moment.   Anything else odd-Nothing else was heard or smelled, etc.  The boy said it stopped for several minutes as if it was watching him, or trying to see if we had followed it, then it walked away from him no longer running.  He was very scared and was ready to shoot it if it came back his way; and he?s a good shot so wouldn?t have missed.  Donnels Creek that borders this area to the west is the same one that goes past a house where I had my first sighting in Clark County (reference my report from Aug/Sept 93) and within 2 miles of my second sighting in Clark County along Snider Rd (ref my report from Oct 2000).   Local Stories - We have had 3 other sightings also in Clark County.  I had 2 other sightings also in Clark County.  The boy, who saw the Bigfoot, had one other sighting in Clark County (ref my report dated fall of 98).   All rights reserved. B.L. W.2/23/02

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NOTE: The reports found on this page are the actual personal experiences of a former member of our group. These events were investigated by the BFRO, and the areas in question have been investigated on numerous occaisions by our group. The credibility of this person is un-questionable, and several articles of evidence have been found that would stand in strong support of these encounters.

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