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A piece of old growth vine hung up in a small tree. This piece of vine was approx. 3+ inches in diameter. It was broken on both ends, and was around 12 feet up in the tree. There were no large trees in this area and no vines anywhere near this size.
A limb ripped down and twisted. Near the beginning of the woods, this is definitely not storm damage and is to high and too thick to have been done by a human.
This was found at the top of a hill and about 15 feet from the fenceline of the adjacent woods. The small tree wedged into this triple trunk, is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter.
Small trees broken off at nearly the same distance from the ground. This area is also near the adjacent property. This is the area where we heard the "primate" sounds, and walking sounds. A perimeter making a semi circle with a section of the fence, including posts, pushed down in the center of the circle can be seen in this area. The possible den area is also in this perimeter.
A triangle formation found on the western side of the perimeter.


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