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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Photo Gallery


Clark County - area 1:
MRSSG home:
Exciting new stills from Clark County Area #1:
Eyewitness accounts: Personal sighting reports
Current Research notes::
Footprint Photo From South Central Ohio: A submitted photo with our analysis
Miami County Photos: 2009 research photos
Nest like structures found within the Miami Valley:
New Structure found in Miami County:
More Structures found in Miami and Montgomery Counties:

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Page Two: Where Are They?
Page Three: What Have You Found?
Page Four: Are There Different Species of Sasqauatch?
Page Five: Who Are We?
Page Six: Are They Gorillas?
Page Seven: Strange But True
Page Eight: The Miami Valley of Ohio
Page Nine: The Legends of Cedar Bog
Current Research Notes:
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Eyewitness Accounts:
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Gigantopethicus: a link to information about Giganto
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization: A large Data Base for reports world wide
The Railroad Factor: Further support for the connection between railroads and Bigfoot
Ohio Wildlife: A look into the woodland residents of Ohio
More Ohio Wildlife Page Two of our Wildlife section
Ohio Bigfoot Research Team The Home of the OBRT