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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Date: 02/03/02
Time: Approx. 13:30 A.M.
State: Ohio
Weather Conditions: Clear and cold. Approx. 35 Deg. 
Gusty Breeze from West and South
Lunar Phase: Entering last quarter
All other General info listed on 
previous area #1 reports
Witnesses present? No

Event Details

Sighting: Possible
Vocalizations: No
Odors: No
Traveling sounds: No
Knocking sounds: No
Any other sounds: Crows
Frequency of Human presence: Observed
3 Other people in same area.


Returned to the area to scan for evidence from a visit the night before. ( NOTE: Details of night visit have been omitted from this report and are reserved for group members only.) I panned the area across the fence where activity had been witnessed. This particular area seems to be the virtual "hotspot". Unable to locate anything of interest, I began to search the area on the South side of the fence. Shortly after, a Crow issued a sharp cry three times. Two other Crows joined the first in flight away from the woooded area. When I turned to watch the crows, I noticed a shadow on the other side of the fence that wasn't there moments before. I began filming the shape. As I zoomed in, it became quite clear what it was. I could see the eyes and nose clearly. I went to the extent of my normal zoom, and then decided to switch to digital zoom. In my excitement I fumbled with the button. I had to move the camera away from the target to find the button. As I did so, The Shadow disappeared. Seconds later, I heard the Crows again approx. 1000 yds. to my right ( East). I continued to search the area but could not find the target again. Later frame by frame viewing revealed remarkable facial details. A hand could be clearly made out. Movement of the head and fingers is present as well. In Late frames a second smaller shadow can be seen standing and walking behind and to the right of the first subject. I have long considered the possibility that this area is visited by an adult and a juvenile. Print impressions have been found to support this on several occaisions. In addition to the footage taken, Two deep detailed prints were found near the lake. In a close-up of one print, outlines of five toes and dermal ridges are present. Two small trees recently pushed over were found nearby along with a small stump that had been pushed up from the ground. ( Note: stills from this video are available to view in the photo gallery.)


On 02/09/02 I returned to the area with two other group members. It was un-seasonably warm and clear. We found several markers old and new. In one area there are several "snap" markers. Some appearing as old as a couple of years, others as new as a couple of months. We found one possible print impression along a creek bed on the outermost perimeter of the woods. Toes could be clearly seen. It appeared as if something had stepped up from the creek bed and dug it's toes in to climb the bank. Evidence of some sliding was clear. We attempted to flush the area North of the boundary to no avail. At one point, several bluebirds and a wood pecker flew out of the "hot" zone and landed directly in front of us. We thought this strange as the birds left a well protected area to fly into our path. We left two bags of popcorn, and two with Honey in different spots. I returned on 02/10/02 to check the bags. One had the entire contents gone. Most likely by a small animal as there were no tracks of any kind. The other bags were un-touched.

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