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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Date: 08/11/01
Time: Approx. 12:30-1:00 P.M.
State: Ohio
County: Miami
Nearest town: Huber Heights
Weather conditions: Cloudy and Humid.
Strong to severe T-storms forecasted.
Lunar Phase: New
First Quarter begins 08/12
Areas of water nearby? Yes
Railroad tracks nearby? No
Emotional feeling at time: Excited
Wtnesses refused to enter area.
Witnesses present? Yes. 5
Relationship: Witnesses to previous sighting.

Event Details

Sighting: Possible. will examine photos.
Vocalizations: Possible.
Heard one distinct whistle
source unknown.
Odors: No
Traveling sounds: Yes.
Heard cracking and swishing sounds
Observed plants approx.3-4ft.
moving as if something had
just passed through.
Knocking sounds: No
Frequency of Human presence: Park area
with restricted areas.


We entered the woods area. Immediately we found a large tree around 4 inches in diameter bowed down. There were empty nutshells on the ground. There was a large canopy type area with a well beaten path through it. I had to crouch down, so it would be uncomfortable for a Human to pass through here. Soon after a crow began making sharp cries. The witnesses all experienced a sickening feeling and refused to go any further. The look of fear in their eyes was genuine. I walked on down the path towards the falls area followed by the crow making the sharp warning cries. Only one Crow was heard. I approached a grassy area with several small Pine trees. At this point I encountered a couple, each walking a dog. The man turned to walk onto the boardwalk through the grassy area, but the dog pulled hard on his leash in the opposite direction. I proceeded down the boardwalk. This is where I heard the whistle and traveling sounds. I followed the sounds to an area of very tall grass, around 5-6 feet tall. I had to run to keep up with the sounds. At the other side of the clearing, I could see a dark outline, which resembled a head and shoulders. The head would have had to been 6-7 ft. above the ground. I took two photos of this. I tried to move around for a better angle, but in doing so I lost sight of the target. A trail led to the other side and signs indicated a pond was back in there. I chose not to explore this area. I photographed a possible footprint near the stream coming from the falls, ( approx. 25 yds. away) I also photographed a large canopy type area. This area was constructed. It first reminded me of a Beaver Dam. There were several bent and bowed trees surrounding it. NO evidence of any storm damage was present. One tree I photographed near the falls was unbelievably bent down. It's arch was almost a perfect semi-circle. The facinating thing was the trunk was at least 8-10 inches in diameter, and it was in the center of the woods. I have only ever seen damage like this being the result of a Tornado, Again no storm damage was present. Throughout the park there were several areas where the thick brush formed canopies, while the under sides were void of vegetation and had a well traveled look.An interesting note to this, when I met back up with the witnesses, they told me one of them had sensed I was running before I provided any details of my search.

Investigation Notes

Investigated on: 08/11/01
Not Submitted
Photos were the only evidence taken.
Racoon tracks were present in numerous places.
No Deer activity was found.
UPDATE: 01/25/07
Have visited this area numerous times
in the past three years.
Have found multiple items of curiosity.
Have also encountered unseen movement
repeatedly. Never able to identify source.
Will post detailed reports soon.
Team members have been monitoring this area heavily since Spring.
Several items of interest have been found.
Footprints have been found and documented as well as
nesting areas. There are several locations of nest areas,
Most are torn down within a few days of discovery and new ones are located
near the old sites. On one incident, screaming sounds were heard
and as members moved in on the source,something could be heard crashing through the brush
and treelines staying just ahead of the team members. We will continue monitoring this are throughout the Fall and Winter.
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