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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

NOTE: References in our reports and notes referring to sounds,odors,and observations are not intended to indicate that a Sasquatch was present or near. They are merely our observations in the field and areas of sightings that we have found curious and in some cases, unexplained.

Investigation Reports
Welcome to our area of investigation and research notes. Here you will fine information we have gathered from areas of sightings and research notes from our work in the field. Some time ago, we removed several articles from this page in order to review reports filed by former team members and to protect areas that we are working in. We are currently working to restore some of the older reports and to add more of our most recent notes and reports.

Reports by Area

Clark County Area #1:
Clark County Area #1 : Second visit of the day
Clark County Area #1: Night Mission
Miami County Area #1:
Miami County Area #2:
Miami County Area #1: Second investigation of Area

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