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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Sighting/Evidence Report

Date: 07/28/01
Time: Around 6;00 P.M. ( 2nd visit of the day. First visit was accompanied and around 12:30-1:00 P.M.)
State: Ohio
County: Clark
Weather Conditions: Cloudy and Humid. Approaching weather front
Lunar Phase: First Quarter
Areas of water nearby? Yes
Type of water: Two small streams ( including a small waterfall, and several large pools of water) flowing into a small lake.
 In adition Mad River is approx. 500 yards to the South
Nearest Town: Springfield
Are railroad tracks nearby? Yes
Emotional feeeling at time of incounter: Apprehension, caution on first visit. 
Distinct feeling not to venture into wooded area alone.
Were witnesses present? Yes
Relationship: One other group member

Event Details

Sighting? NO
Vocalizations? Possibly. Very frantic primate sounding cries.
Odors? NO
Traveling Sounds? Yes. Snapping and popping. And what sounded like footsteps through tall grass.
Knocking sounds? No. We even attempted to initiate this by striking pieces of limbs against trees.
Frequency of Human presence: Little used Park area
Photos taken? Yes. Ref #cc1a


Around 6:00 P.M. we returned to the park area to investigate some things I had found earlier, most of which we were able to rule out. Our first discovery was an impression in a bed of leaves. The impression measured a little over 11 inches and was 6 1/4 inches wide. We proceeded to dig into the impression and found several layers of leaves tightly compressed together. No indication of toes were found. ( like anxious kids we failed to first photograph the impression.) Continuing on we found several small trees ranging from 2-5 inches in diameter snapped in half and pulled down. The break was consistently 50-53 inches from the ground. We found two more possible prints, and this time made photos. One was near the same size as the first, and toes could be clearly made out. However it appeared to be an old print. The other print was much larger, measuring around 15 inches long. It was found in the bank of a small stream. There was evidence of someone on Horseback in the area, and while it was suspect we didn't rule it out,, because it was found in a well traveled path leading across the stream. It was next to a footbridge. The distance across the stream is approx. 7 feet. There were no boot or shoe prints, and a human could not have gotten across without wet feet. ( note: the impression in the leaves was also next to a footbridge.) Along the North side of the woods we could hear popping and snapping sounds as we walked coming from an adjacent woods. When we stopped, it stopped. At one point we could hear " swishing" sounds of footsteps through tall grass. ( note: grass across the fence was uncut and nearly 20 inches high. ) We found an area that resembled a deer bed. Directly across the fence was an area that was cleared out under a canopy of bushes and small trees. The ground was void of any vegetation and very roughed up. There were scratch marks on the tops of logs surrounding this area. I attempted to cross the fence to look for prints, as I did so, An unidentified bird began making sharp cries. I continued across the fence and was met with a very close, very excited and frantic cry in addition to the bird. The sounds of Monkeys or Apes immediately came to mind. We later realized that there were no other sounds when this occured. As we moved away from the area, the sounds ceased. we proceeded to conclude for the evening and returned to the truck, noting and photographing several more bent and broken trees on the way out. NOTE TO THOSE READING THIS REPORT: References to sounds in this report are NOT conclusive and DO NOT implicate an encounter with a Sasquatch.

Investigation Notes

Investigated on: 07/28
Not submitted

Photos were the only evidence taken from this area.

Comments: We will continue to monitor this area. 
 Mad River runs West to an area of 4 sightings dating from 1998-2000. 
The railroad tracks lead to an exact area of one of those sightings. The sighting area is approx.
 6-8 miles West of this area. 
Racoon tracks were found in one location near the lake. 
 No evidence of Deer activity was found.

UPDATE: 08/18/01
Returned to area approx. 1:00 P.M. There was nothing new to be found.  Human activity has increased in the area. 
Preparations are underway for activities scheduled in the next few weeks, 
which will include a festival and a Rev. war re-enactment.
 we will conclude monitoring this area until late Fall or Early Winter.

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