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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

News from the Ohio Valley

South Western Ohio
We currently have a Team member who has been conducting an investigation in South Western Ohio for the past few months. It is truly the first time we have ever conducted a lenghty investigation outside of the Miami Valley area. In order to preserve his research area, the exact location will remain "guarded" until he completes his investigation. This is to keep "Glory Seekers" from intruding into the area, and also not to cause alarm among the local population. He has investigated and witnessed several events ranging from sightings to strange howls. He has employed the use of sound recorders, camera traps, and on occasions night vision equipment. He has photographed and documented several footprints and has captured some strange targets on the camera traps. In addition he has recordings of unusual sounds from this area. During a routine night investigation he has reported that he was approached in a thick wooded area by something larger. He was able to locate the target with a night vision scope. He reports that it was taller than he was and could clearly see it's eyes staring back at him. At that point he left a video camera behind and retreated to a safe zone. Unfortunately, no images were recorded. We are processing the evidence he has found to this point, and once we have eliminated all explanations, we will begin to publish the information. It is worth noting, that he has been in the presence of several witnesses during some of these encounters and has investigated several other witness claims from this region of Ohio. We credit team member G.E.T. with all the hard work and information that has been gathered from this investigation.

Eastern Ohio
At the end of May we received a report from near Coshocton Ohio. It was reported that in the early morning hours a long strange howl was heard very near the witness' home. It was reported to us to be very similar to the famous recording by Matt Moneymaker from Columbiana County. Coshocton is very near to the area of that recording. We remained in contact with the witness and no further activity has been reported to us. As Eastern Ohio is out side of our main area of research, we referred this report to a research group in that area as well as inviting the witness to contact one of the leading Sasqutch Researchers in the Ohio Valley who has conducted a great many investigations throughout Eastern Ohio. Again, Nothing has been reported back to us.