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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group
Our Team has been actively searching areas near those where we have discovered previous nests or structures. As we have continued to expand our search areas, we continue finding these structures. They are all very similar is size and construction. We have found them as far as 40 miles apart. The structures on this page were discovered in new areas of Miami and Montgomery Counties.

While this is one of the more complex structures found to date, it shares the same factor as the rest. There are no footprints, Human or otherwise found in or near it's location. We have been unsuccessful at determining who or what is creating these structures. When considering the habits of the Gorillas, they are known to build a new nest each day and always in a new location. The branches and materials used in these structures range in diameter and are broken to nearly exact lengths.

This structure, while smaller than most, was found nearly 15 miles from the nearest area of a similar structure. All photos are credited to Team members G.E.T and M.M. Their hard work and persistence has led to these finds. They have spent some of the coldest days of Winter searching for clues and evidence. While most of us spend a lazy day by the fire dreaming of Summer, they are out in the elements every week, relentless in their pursuit for answers!
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