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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

The Bobcat. Ohio's Cat. The Bobcat is a rare sight within the Sate of Ohio. Not many have ever seen or even heard a Bobcat. And those who have , often seriously exploit their size. The Bobcat is a very small predator. Weighing in at around 25-30 lbs. they are not much larger than an ordinary house cat. They are solitary animals who live and hunt alone. Their territories can range upwards of 75 miles. They are cunning hunters who will lie in wait for their prey, pouncing when the time is perfect. They are often referred to as a Lynx. This is a very inaccurate assumption. While they look similar to a Lynx they are, in fact, two entirely different species of feline. Lynx do not inhabit the Ohio valley. in 1976 the State of Ohio declared the Bobcat an endangered species, offering them the protection they need to continue to grow and expand their numbers. The cry of the Bobcat has often been referred to as the "sound of a woman screaming" which could possibly add to the many sounds of the forest attributed to Sasquatch. If you ever see a Bobcat within the Ohio Valley, I hope you have a camera, for it would be a rare teat indeed. And any sighting of Bobcats should be reported to the Ohio Department of Natural Resourcees in order to help them track their movements and population numbers.

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The White Tail Deer The most well known and visible animal in Ohio's wildlife inventory. Deer can be seen on a daily basis throughout the State. Their population has grown over the decades to a point where some have begun to consider them a nuisance. Yearly "bag" limits have increased to try and control their population. Feeding on berries and nuts no longer seem to be enough, and many farmers find their soybean and corn crops severely damaged by Deer herds. The number of meetings between automobiles and Deer have sharply increased over the last decade in the State of Ohio, leaving many motorists on the side of the road with a badly damaged car and on occaison, serious injuries. Along with the Coyote, it is no surprise to see Deer standing by the edge of the road, or wandering through a field. It is also no surprise to walk up on a Deer and have them stand and observe you for a few seconds before making their swift get away.another sign that wildlife has become acclimated to our presence in the woodlands. Many times their swift movement through the trees, and the popping and cracking sounds of the twigs and branches they step on has fueled imaginations and left many thinking "something big was nearby". They are also capable of making loud grunts and sharp cries leaving some to think of the Legendary Sasquatch.

The Red Fox. Ohio's most beautiful canine. The Red Fox is smaller than it's adversary the Coyote. They range in size from 22-25 inches and weigh a mere 8-15 lbs. It used to be a common sight to see a Red Fox running through an open field or laying on the side of the road, victim of a car strike. But with the population increase of the Coyote their presence is declining. Fox and Coyote do not make good friends. The Red Fox has often been the victim of a bad reputation and wild folklore. While they are omnivores, the stories of their brazen attacks on livestock, simply aren't true. Most often it is the Coyote who perpetrate these attacks. They are more likely to hunt Mice and small animals than a Cow or Sheep. The Red Fox is a curious and active creature, who can be found stalking it's prey carefully before pouncing for the kill. It will often toss around and play with it's victim in celebration before settling down for dinner. They are also known to "stock up" on food, often hunting down and killing much more than it needs, burying or hiding it for later meals. They are an elusive, timid and quiet creature more than happy to avoid you as you are them. Some old folklore suggest that they are capable of changing into human form to cause mischief and havoc. Other stories refer to them as Witches with magical powers. This has helped to create the "bad" reputation of one of the most Beautiful and smartest creatures in Ohio's woodlands.

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