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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

Do we believe this footprint is real? The answer is simple, No. There are a great many things in this photograph that would suggest that this footprint was manufactured. We'll try to explain. First are the immediate observations. There are no dermal ridges present anywhere in the impression. The boot print to the left of the track and the tire track to the right all appear to be about the same depth. The tire track is interesting. It was reported to be from a dirt bike. However, the tread design and the fact that evidence of only one wheel would suggest different. This tire track appears to be from a small plastic wheel such as you would find on a lawn spreader or garden tractor implement. The other clear factors are no other footprints were found in this very wet mud, and no other photos from any angles were offered as evidence. Below are some more detailed findings.

In Point A: The Boot print used as reference. Notice the depth of the print and the obvious sign that mud was lifted from the print when the boot was extracted. In Point B: We see the last toe on the track. It has a definite outline and appears to curve out away from the foot. The outline of the foot directly below shows that the foot is larger than the span of the toes. In Point C: There is an obvious slide mark from the last toe. Possibly caused from dragging that side of the mold prior to making the print. In Point E: You can clearly see swirls in the mud caused from a straight up and down motion. It is the result of suction. You can also clearly see the lack of Dermal Ridges and no pooling of water. In Point F: The Tire Track. Compare the depth of the tire track to the footprint, you will clearly see thay are about equal. Also pooling can clearly be seen in the Tire track. In Point G: The most conclusive evidence of all. There is no outline of the heel. While you can clearly see the mud pushed up around the rest of the footprint, the heel lacks this quality. It would be hard to believe that a creature having a foot this size would leave such a shallow impression in obviously very wet mud.

Looking more at this print we can see more abnormalities. In Point 1: Looking at the length of all the toes combined we can see that they are very uniformed in size. If compared to other photos of Bigfoot tracks and even your own feet, you will find that the toes are almost always different lengths and diameters. In Point 2: The right side of the track lacks any definition between the ball of the foot and the first toe. Again, this is not common when looking at footprints made by either a Human foot or that of a Primate. In Points 3 and 4: The overall shape of the foot is very abnormal. The curvature of the foot on both sides is nearly the same. Again comparing to other prints found the right side of the print should be clearly different from the left. This point offers the strongest evidence that this print is manufactured. In Point 5: There is evidence that mud was lifted from the print in the heel section. Mud will adhere to uneven or rough surfaces when force is applied. How many times have you almost lost a shoe or boot when walking through thick, wet, mud? The smooth surface of a bare foot,especially one that has never been covered with shoes,would be less likely to provide a surface for mud to stick to.

While we strongly feel that this print was manufactured, we don't feel that the photographer made this impression. We have included it on our website as part of a new section we are about to open. We want to show just how easy it is to hoax evidence such as tracks and sightings. And more so, how easy it is to believe when false evidence and information is provided. Unfortunately in the World today are a great many people seeking to make a name for themselves and will do so by whatever means they can. For every false report provided, it destroys the credibility of a hundred true reports. The Scientific community will not accept footprints or video as evidence of Bigfoot no matter how real they may be. This is due in large to the number of reports,video,and evidence collections over the years that have been clearly manufactured. Stay tuned to our website as we will be bringing more on this subject in the near future.


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