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Mad River Sasquatch Study Group

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Below are some sound samples from Ohio's Wildlife. Among them are 4 samples of alleged Bigfoot recordings. We cannot attest to the authenticity of the Bigfoot recordings as we did not record them and were not present when they were. When you compare the sounds of the Owls and Coyote you will see how easy it is to mistake one for the other. We are not trying to discredit the Bigfoot recordings, just simply pointing out that Ohio's woodlands are full of strange and eerie sounds. We would like to note however that the recording from Columbiana County in Ohio that was recorded in 1994 by Matt Moneymaker and Jamie Watson has been the focus of several documentaries, including Monster Quest. There have been several investigations done by reputable scientists. When compared to samples of other known primates and animals, the conclusion was reached that this sound was made by no known aniaml or primate. This particular howl is often described in reports of encounters with Sasquatch and used by many research groups employing the tactic of call blasting. Matt Moneymaker is well known and considered one of the leading individuals in the area of Bigfoot Research. One of the key members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, He was one of the first to lead the charge against the now infamous Georgia Hoax. Long before any admissions of a hoax were made the BFRO quickly placed facts and evidence disputing the claims of a body as a hoax. Bearing that in mind, it would be difficult to believe that the Columbiana County recording is anything but genuine evidence of an unknown animal or primate. The samples will open in Windows media player.

Strange sounds of Ohio

Barred Owl #1: One of the many sounds of the Barred Owl
Barred Owl #2:
Barred Owl #3:
Saw Whet Owl: The eerie screech of the Saw Whet Owl
Coyote #1: A Pair of Coyote
Coyote #2: The sound of a lone Coyote
Dog: One of the many sounds of the common Dog
Deer: A Deer Snorting
Hawk: The scream of a Hawk
Bear cubs: Sounds of Black Bear Cubs
Adult Bear Growling:
Bobcat: The mighty sound of the small Bobcat
Bigfoot #1:
Bigfoot #2:
Ohio Bigfoot #3: The Famous Columbiana County recording by Matt Moneymaker
Bigfoot #4:

We hope that these samples may help you to explain some of the things you may have heard while in the woods. However, if you have ever heard anything similar or different that you cannot explain, please contact us because......
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