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What's the deal with railroad tracks and ponds?

We have noticed over the years that in numerous reports, sightings occur near water sources such as ponds, lakes, rivers and small streams. Along with a great many that occur near railroad tracks. We decided long ago to include these points of focus in our investigations because of their frequency. All living things need water to survive. Sooner or later all wildlife have to come out of hiding to get a drink, so to speak. Perhaps that is why so many sightings occur near water. As for railroad tracks, we feel that they make an excellant road of travel. They are clear areas to walk in making travel much easier and quicker. They are also safe from heavy exposure to Human presence. The same can be said for rivers and streams. At the bottom of this page, in the site navigator, is an interesting link to another website which deals with the connections between Sasquatch and Railroads.

This website is dedicated to the memory of William C. Ferguson ..."Alot of years have gone by since you passed, but I still think of you often. As do many of your friends. We still miss you Bill."

Who   are   we?

We are a small group who have a great interest in the study of Sasquatch. We were originally formed in 1998. Since that time the group has underwent many changes in both members and attitude towards our research. Our current team is by far the most experienced and hard working that has ever been. We have collected a great deal of data, photos, and other compelling evidence that something unexplained is occuring within the Miami Valley of Ohio. While we share some of that evidence through this website, there is a great deal of it that we don't. We do this in order to preserve some of the areas we work in and to keep our focus where it belongs. We do not profit from our research, and have no intentions of ever doing so. Our goal to determine the validity of Sasquatch in the Miami Valley has never changed. We take a slightly different approach than most investigators. Most of the in field investigations occur after a sighting report, where a standard issue "crime scene investigation" is performed. Then reports are drawn and filed, And the investigation concluded. Not with us. We visit and research areas of sightings, and we continue to moniter that area until we are certain that no further activity can be expected. We look for the route that they traveled into the sighting area, and compare it to "the big picture" in hopes of establishing a migratory route. We are always on the lookout for possible signs of activity, and we frequently search areas we feel would support such a creature, no matter how far from a reported sighting area they may be. We have spent years studying the Wildlife of the Ohio Valley in order to eliminate all possible explanations of sounds, sightings, and activity. If you would like to know more on the subject of Sasquatch in Ohio, we strongly recommend you visit the website of the The Ohio Bigfoot Research Team. A link can be found at the bottom of the page. You might also visit the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, where a large data base of reports can be found.

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Please note, that we recommend the BFRO website soley for the large data base of sightings in the Ohio Valley, and their enormous collection of information regarding Bigfoot research. On their website you will find a great deal of evidence supported by scientific investigations. Mad River Sasquatch Study is not affiliated with the BFRO in any way. We do not conduct investigations or share information with their organization or any of their researchers. Their methods and techniques are completely different than the methods we employ. There are a great many independant research groups right here in the Ohio Valley that have collected scores of evidence and sighting reports. One such site that we recommend visiting is the website of The Ohio Bigfoot Research Team. There you will find detailed reports on sightings and evidence collections. If you want to learn about Sasquatch in Ohio, it is best to locate organizations dedicated to the area. Not spread out collections from around the entire world.

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